So I suppose I should introduce my book to you, it didn’t begin as a book at all, I had no real intention of becoming ‘an author’ and despite it only being published as an ebook to date I do feel as if I have become an author.

I guess it was an easy transition and writing about the dramas of someone elses life helped me to deal with those that were going on in my life as well, ever the Drama Queen am I, there’s not a thing that can change it or take it away from me, but there are people who can calm it and give me perspective, unfortunately for me, they are not real people at all, but figments of my rather overactive imagination.

I want people to read Fallen so they can get to know them, and so as a taster, here are some bios of the people who have become so real in my life, in fact as I write this now, I know that in the second book on this very day one of them dies!

Fallon Magee – Our Heroine, except this is not a mythical vampire book (would have been published conventionally if it were and boy did I consider that option!) so she isn’t really a heroine at all, she is small in size and as far as she is considered her mark on the world, her indentation left on the people around her, her opportunities but that’s not really the case, those around her have come to depend on her while taking care of her all at the same time. She likes long walks in the parks (ok, kidding) she has a coffee habit that is unparalleled, she is insecure yet feisty and fiery all the same, not just because of her hair! She is talented yet not really open to testing the theory, far too afraid of failure, she is happy believing her life will be one of mediocrity, that she doesn’t deserve the love of those she has known for years and the one who comes along and changes her perceptions massively (I admit a lot of this girl is me, that’s how this all came about, but she took on a life of her own, literally to the point where my writing surprised me as it came out of the biro, now she is so not me all the same that I wish to be one of her friends and I invented her!)

Abner Hagarth-Smyth – The Love Interest – Writing that felt cheap and dirty, he is so much more than a lurrrve interest, he is the Yin to Fallons Yang, the thing she has been waiting for all along but didn’t realise and what makes him all the more special is that Fallon is all those things in his life too. He is unconventionally gorgeous, with eyes that girl is mesmerised by, hair that has a life of its own in that kind of blonde that just looks a bit dirty all the time and a dangerous glint in his eyes. He knows girls like him, he knows what he could use that for and in the past he has, but the night he meets Fallon its as if all of the other things in his life have fallen away and he breathes for her. He is a musician at heart, has tried to route of University, Degrees and Nine to Five but left it all in favour of playing a little Jazz in his brothers basement bar, which despite the amazing way he plays that rickety old piano doesn’t touch on what he can do. He is a romantic and sentimental fool, so when she comes along all of the things he didn’t realise he wanted come into focus and his famous ‘Supersonic’ speed in doing things is seen in whole new light. (Well, I mean what can I say, what author hasn’t at some point either accidentally touched on the man of her dreams when writing, I certainly did, now all of my friends and family are geared up to spot ‘Abner’, men who look like him in town have been asked their name, it is occasionally just called out at strangers, but the reality is, if there is a man out there that fits the bill, it’s probably not going to be a guy called Abner!)

So for now I have given the central Characters that my little world revolves around, but I will Bio some of the outer characters from the circle, some that even though they don’t appear to play a significant part of their lives here, will in the future stories that I have all planned out…


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