Fallen, Forever, Forgotten and Finale

So when I started writing Fallen last year, as I have already said, I didnt begin with a clear cut image in my mind that I was even writing a book let alone was going to be inspired to write a whole series on the same main characters, yet somehow amidst all of the rejections and heartache that comes with all of those (one actually came from an email address entitled Rejections Robot) I found it hard not to write about them.

They became people that I know, at least in my head, their families became families that I felt a part of even though none of them are real.

I wanted to know their endings, happy or otherwise and there really are some otherwises in there, especially in Forever, so I kept scribbling, because that is what I physically do, with a pen and countless notebooks, I scribble, half chapters, vague conversations, scenarios that have to be sculpted. I don’t know if I write like anyone else in that sense, as with everything in my life there is no organisation, no master plan, just a flow from the black bic biro onto the millionth sheet of lined paper.

So I know how it ends now, I know the twists and turns of twenty years following Fallen, of children that are born into the group, of members who pass on in the saddest of circumstances, I know of new relationships that actually surprised me when I thought of them and things I had to delete when I did.

Somehow they seem finished now and as I work on Forever which is more than half way there I fill in blanks, I write conversations that flow from me as if I am a witness in the room with them as the words are spoken, copying rather than forming and putting them in their mouths.

So if you read Fallen, I can promise that there is more to come, more drama than Fallon Magee ever dreamt of creating, more romance than Abner knew he was capable of, more tears than anyone should have to shed…

If you havent read Fallen then maybe you should. More Bios are on the way and I hope they give you a taste of the people that I find it hard to believe don’t exist sometimes.

With Forever I actually had a day last week that depressed me because I know what happened on June 13th 2010 in that story, on June 21st my close family and friends who know the flow of their lives had reason to celebrate…

If it can seem so real to me that I want to read it, not because I believe I am the next ‘Chick Lit’ author or that I could give any single one of those titles a run for their money, but because I actually enjoy reading it even though I toiled over the words for 18 months to get it up there (editing took so much longer than writing it in the first place) then maybe it can be enjoyable to you too…

Nikki xoxo


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