Being a Writer

I don’t know when I became a writer, maybe it was written in the stars for my life, or maybe something inspired me so long go that I can’t remember it.  What I do know, is that its the right thing for me, I don’t claim to be amazing, I don’t even claim to be good, but I’m passionate.  My passion for writing is what drives me most days, I spend eight hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer at work, but I can’t do the work I want to do, just the work I’m paid to do.  Then I go home and I pick up a pen and pad, or my tablet, my laptop,  I even write on apps on my phone. Little conversations between characters, ideas for a setting, I just pop them out, even if they fit nowhere in a story.  Lately I’ve connected with some other authors, in fact lots of them, on Chicklit Goddesses on Facebook and its probably the best move I could’ve made as an indie author.  The ladies I’ve met, albeit solely through a keyboard and screen are some of the most inspiring and supportive I’ve ever had the pleasure of conversing with.  I could name names, but I’d end up missing someone out of my own ditzyness, and well, there’s too many to mention and I don’t like sharing!  The Goddesses are exactly what it says on the tin, there are more traditionally published goddesses and indie goddesses and goddesses that haven’t quite gotten there yet, but at the bottom of that is the drive we all have to write.  Even now I’m sitting here tapping this out and you might think its drivel, or you might think you like it, but you see I don’t do it for you. I do it for me.  



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