Monday, rainy Monday

So it’s that time of the week again, the inevitable, undeniable time of the week. Monday. And like every Monday, I started it with a resolution. To Write. But not just write, to actually try to piece together the pages and pages of work that may at some point in the dim and distant future, become a Book…
Ok, so I do this every week, I start it like most people do a New Year, every Monday is the same, ‘this week, I will write more and I’ll go to the gym more and I’ll do this and that and the other’ but then that thing happens. I find myself at Friday and I wrote about 500 meaningless words on Evernote, didn’t open my laptop and either went to the gym only once or managed to totally avoid it.

So this Monday I will make only one resolution, to try to get through to next Monday and feel as if I achieved more than I did last week…

I’ll let you know how I get on, most likely with a mirror image of this post…


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