Nikki Mahood

Here I am, guesting with an interview today! Find out more about me and my writing!

Chick Lit Goddess


About author, Nikki Mahood:  Nikki Mahood was born in Dublin, moving to the UK in the late eighties as a child, she has resided in North Yorkshire ever since.  Distance didn’t just make her heart grow fonder, it made her mind grow too, her grandmother provided the stationary, usually adorned with Ponies of some sort and they wrote to each other regularly.  So began her writing career, starting with silly poems to send her family and nurtured by a love of reading, her overactive imagination and an obsession with Josephine March of Little Women.

Without setting out to write a book, a taster course for The Open University brought Fallon Magee into Nikki’s imagination, followed shortly by one Abner Hagarth-Smythe and suddenly what started as a character exercise became a novel.

After two years of unsuccessful submissions, the idea of self publishing was raised and so began the evolution of…

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