Forgotten Sneaky Peak

So here’s a little sneaky peak from Forgotten…as always, spoilers for the first books…but a taster from the third!!!

“Whats the matter love? Is it your head?” He’s hovering again, he hovers constantly, like my own personal jiminy cricket on my shoulder, I’m making a cup of coffee and I happened to rub my forehead, he’s got senses like a whippet.
“Yes, it is my head, youre doing it in!” I snap back at him, flinging the teaspoon into the cup with a splash that lands on my cream top, brilliant, just brilliant. Moving over to the sink I dab at it with a damp cloth and sigh, it won’t come out.
“Why?” He says in his most innocent voice, he has no idea how irritating he can be, I know he’s only concerned but for god sake, give a girl a bit of independence once in while!
“Hassling me! For gods sake Abner I’m a grown woman, I can make my own damn coffee!” My voice is all but a scream, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take without going off the deep end, I manage to hold my tongue most of the time, but the kids aren’t around, they’ve gone out with Mum and Dad for the afternoon and we were supposed to be having a chilled out day together at home. It is impossible to chill out with him around now, only when we’re at our most tender and open in bed, does it feel like he’s the man I know and not worrying about my every move, even if he refuses to go further than a snuggle yet…
“I know that, I just thought you might be tired” he puts his hand against my cheek, for the smallest moment I lean into it, but pull myself away. He can’t seduce every bad mood out of me, if he was seducing me at all that is, I think my ego is as bruised as my brain and I’m more than a little frustrated.
“I am tired, of being treated like a child, go away” Pointing to the door, he shakes his head and gestures to the pots of vegetables simmering, oh yes, after their day out we’re having family dinner.
“But I’m cooking” he gives me his patent pending smirk, I noticed the kids learnt that already too.
“So what? Right I’ll go, I’m off to the shops” abandoning my coffee I pull on my cardigan and slip my feet into a pair of converse, finding a hat and scarf under the stairs and adding them before searching around for my handbag and keys, he’s standing behind me when I turn around, holding them up for me, that same smirk on his face. If I were a violent woman I’d slap it off him right this second, but I’m not and he’s too pretty to have a bruised face.
“What for?” He says sweetly, he’s trying not to rile me further, I haven’t shopped yet, despite his gentle coaxing that if I fancy it, the money is there.
“A break!” I exclaim, throwing my arms in the air like Edie when she doesn’t get her own way.
“From what?”
“You!” I shout before striding with purpose to the front door and slamming it behind me. Its cold outside, October is here with gusto, pulling the hat lower and zipping up my jacket I make my way toward Camden High Street. Even if I only browse I’ll feel better…

The Smirk…



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