Getting in Abners Mind…not just his pants…

Usually my daydreaming/being a serious writer/having pretend relationship with Abner, consists of describing him, putting words in his mouth but almost always from Fallons perspective. This week I am pretty much writing consistently as him, its quite liberating, I mean I know how he ticks after four years, to put his words across and back them up with how he actually feels when he says them. As opposed to the look on his face or mannerisms as he says them. So when I came up with the little scene where the delightful Abner has to, ahem, relieve some tension, it was a bit funny, ok it was hysterical.

I’ll state this for the record, I have never been a sexually frustrated thirty something man. I know, shocking, you all thought it was my secret…hahaha *nervous laughter that you do actually think I look like a man*

Writing it was an interesting task, because I didn’t just want it to read as a woman had written it. Let’s also state for the record, it isn’t massively descriptive, my intent is to have the emotion behind him being unable to make love to his wife, as opposed to how he feels when he gets his rocks off. I don’t write erotica but the characters have sex, usually as a couple, generally not alone!

In the end I got worried about whether it was relevant, he is abstaining for a good reason, Fallon doesn’t agree, so she tries to change his mind and while his body reacts as it usually would, but his mind isn’t for changing. So I asked my lovely friend Carey Heywood what she thought and after some explaining on my part, she agreed, it was relevant.

So this week I didn’t just get in his pants, I got in his mind too…in a strictly literary way of course.


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