The First Night…Abner

So today I got involved in a discussion about how quickly characters become intimate in books. For me, I don’t mind either way, sometimes it’s used to build suspense, will they won’t they? And sometimes it’s the catalyst for the whole story, this is kind of where I went with it. It won’t spoil the book to tell you they fall into bed within 24 hours of meeting, a huge theme for them is that Abner is supersonic and everything around him is a whirlwind. 99% of Fallen is from Fallons point of view, in Forever we get into Abners mind a bit more. Forgotten is a whole different ball game, probably 40% of the book is from his point of view, so I’ve delved in there and gotten to know him better…Here’s his take on that first night. (I forget they aren’t real, so I honestly read this and think how sweet is Abner?)

She falls asleep in my arms, her cheek pressed against my chest, curls falling across her forehead as her breaths deepen every minute. I watch her for the longest time, her eyelashes are so long they brush against her cheeks, her lips purse in sleep and every so often she stretches her legs, cold little feet pushing against my calves.
We had the most incredible day today, from the moment I picked her up at the flat, where she stood all coy on the doorstep in her cute little outfit, to the last few hours on the lawns. She charmed my family, of course our little white lie about her being Neds friend went down like a lead balloon, but they unilaterally adored her. My sisters think she’s sweet and my brothers think she’s beautiful, best of all, my parents just think she’s perfect. They worried, as always, that she’s after my trust fund, but she doesn’t know much about it, so how could she.
When the night wrapped up, she took my hand and followed me up here, I told her there were no expectations, that she could have her own room and she kissed my cheek then whispered that we only needed one. I made love for the first time, it wasn’t a shag, it wasn’t a fuck, I barely think it was sex. What happened between us wasn’t a purely physical act, with each touch, each kiss, it felt as though our souls were twinning. As if our whole lives had been lived for the moment we met, just going through the motions until we found one another.
I’ve never felt a feeling like it, I’ve had plenty of sex, more than many men. I’ve fallen into bed with women whose names I didn’t even know and yet there was never that spark, never before had my body felt so alive with vibrating energy that I thought I could conquer the world. I’m in love, if my life were an MGM musical I’d be dancing around the room declaring my love for this woman with the help of woodland creatures, all the while she’d sleep through my baritone declaration. Life isn’t an MGM Musical, but it’s getting pretty damn close. I smile as she stretches against me, she lets off a small moan and I hear my name in an almost inaudible whisper. She loves me too, I don’t even need to hear the words. I can sense it in her being. I’m going to marry this girl, I’ll never love another.


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