Review – The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet

On Thursday I bought the e-book of The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet, a little bit because her cover reminds me of my own, but also because we connected via Chick Lit Goddess group on Facebook.

I read the first little bit while on my lunch hour and then had to give it up for work (the inconvenience of it) anyway Friday Night arrived and I couldn’t get to sleep for whatever reason. So I opened my Kindle and started reading, just for an hour I told myself, that was 12.15 am, at 3.45 am, I closed my Kindle, smiling because I’d just finished a fantastic book and finally able to nod off.

For me, any book you can devour in a few hours is fantastic, I’m a very fast reader and as it’s on Kindle I don’t really know how long the book is, but it’s a lovely story that keeps you guessing.

Gwen is a writer and signs a three book deal with Black Horse Publishing, a deal which will secure her family home for her and her ailing mother. Gwen cant spend time in London working on her manuscript with her editor John, so he comes to spend time with her in Wales. What follows is a very entertaining story, filled with misunderstandings, laughter, possibly a few tears and a very lovely love story.
Emma has created a very likeable and personable (especially for a fellow author) character with Gwen, I instantly felt a little like she could be my friend, something invaluable in a book I find. With John, I wasn’t ever sure what I made of him, that’s kind of the point, at times he seems so confident and sexy and at other times, he seems like the kind of man who you would happily slap for being such a pompous ass. The other characters weaved into the story are equally likeable, except when they aren’t!

I don’t like to give away the stories, I’ve said it before, I don’t like spoilers, so I don’t do them *much*.

I highly recommend this book as a nice easy enjoyable read! Five Stars!

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