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Merry ChickLit – Supporting lives touched by Breast Cancer

So I told you all about the short story book Merry Chicklit right?  Did I tell you that all proceeds are going to Rocking the Road for a Cure? Yes, I think I did. Now let me tell you why it is so important to me.


My life has been touched by cancer from my first memories, my Granny had lung cancer, which meant at three years of age, I saw her with a hole in her throat and a machine pressed to it so she could speak to me.  Granny Maureen, that’s what I called her, and we lost her when I was four years of age. At seventeen years old I found out my other Granny had Pancreatic Cancer.  Because I was a teenager, I decided that I could handle it and I went home to Dublin and spent a week with her in her hospice.  I think now when I look back, that week killed part of me, I spent my days with her and my nights with my head buried In a book. Pretending everything was ok and a hospice was a place you went to get better. My Granny had been my best friend you see and I had to see her as a frail lady, not old, she never once looked old to me. But she wasn’t the glamorous woman I can summon a million images of in my head.  I always thought she was like Doris Day.  I said goodbye on the Wednesday, travelled back to England and by Sunday morning, we were heading home again. This time, because goodbye had really been the end.


Over my life, I can think of many people who have been touched by cancer.  My great grandmother, who I simply knew as Lou, had Breast Cancer and in 2009 I found a lump.  I’ll say now, that it was fine, I didn’t have it, but to hear the doctor say that at my age it was strange but not unheard of, well that was a fright.  I had a month between appointments, she wanted to wait and see if it grew or moved and told me there was time to wait.  So I suppose I should have known I was fine then, but I didn’t.  I spent hours googling things, by the end of the first week, I was going to freeze eggs so I could still have babies, I had picked a wig and decided on which treatment I thought was best.  Now it’s all a dim and distant blur, but for four weeks, I walked around absolutely convinced that I had cancer.  All the other women in my family had died from it, so I was clearly next and at 26, it wasn’t unheard of either, especially with my history.


Rocking The Road for A Cure, is educational, had I known about them back in 2009, I may not have had the screaming fits I did and I might have felt more educated than I was by Google and Wikipedia. They help Women and Men, suffering from this disgusting disease that steals our loved ones and breaks our hearts.


If we make them $1000, then that will help people, but surely you can imagine how much more valuable $2000 would be, and then multiply it.


If you pre-order our book now, all of your $0.99 goes to the charity, if you wait until it’s on Amazon, then they’ll get $0.35 per book and Amazon will take the rest.  None of the authors will profit from this book directly, sure, people might then read our other books, but not a penny from these proceeds will line our pockets.  All the editing and proofreading time has been donated, Carolyn has kept us all organised (and thank heavens for that, I am a flibbertigibbet and no mistake) and I played in Photoshop and made our cover. As a result of Merry ChickLit, I have connected and made friends with new authors and can feel proud that my scribbling on notepads my entire life, might just help people.

My Story for the book is dedicated to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.
Specifically Peggy Magee, Maureen Quinn, Lucille Mahood and Margaret Magee, but definitely not limited to.


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