So I’m obsessed with fireworks and last year when I came home from our local display I blogged about them. I also started this little story-et about Fallon and Abner on Bonfire Night…here it is. Rough and unedited. Imperfect and adorable…I’m only sharing it because its been in my Evernote for a year now!!

“Oh my god its freezing!!” I dance on the spot and wiggle Edie in my arms, she’s full of giggles tonight even though her snowsuit has her resembling Maggie from the Simpsons.
“Pull your hat down further and stop moaning, we’ll get hot chocolates on the way” Abner says as he locks the front door and I slip Edie into the buggy, she’s getting sleepy, its almost bedtime already.
“I’m not moaning, I actually love it, but its a shock, the house was so warm!” Shaking my shoulders again seems to warm me up.
“JJ are you ready for the fireworks?”
“Yeah, bwue!” He replies with a shout and a bright face, its almost bedtime but he’s full of beans and has been excited about the fireworks all day.
“Blue ones? The white ones are my favourites! Shall we get you some hot chocolate?” He jumps up and down on the spot and nods pneumatically.
“Yeah pwease, mawows?” I think I’ll be devastated if he ever learns to pronounce his L’s properly.
“Marshmallows? Okey dokey little man, are you going in the buggy? It’s a long way”
“No. I walk” he says with a shake of the head, he likes to walk but he dawdles.
“On Daddy’s shoulders?” I try to reason, this usually works
“No! I walk” he shouts and I have to bite my lip to stop from laughing, he’s so dramatic.
“No mallows JJ if you don’t” Abner tells him forcefully, I’m a pushover.
“Mawows? I walk?” he counters, almost three and he’s learnt to bargain with us.
“Mawows if you get on my shoulders kiddo”
“Mawows!!” He squeals and resumes his bouncing.
“Ok ok, god you’re getting heavy kiddo” I hoist him up while Abner bends down, only his face is visible beyond the hat, scarf and hood of his little leather bomber, but its adorned with a huge smile.
“Jeez James, lay off the pies” Abner laughs, he’s taller than other boys his age, I’m incredibly pleased to announce frequently.
“Dont like pies” he says seriously
“What about Grannies pie?” I ask him
“Yummy” he says bouncing around on Abners shoulders.
“Hey there you guys are, god James you’re getting tall” Lola is standing at the end of the street waiting for us, as is the norm we are late.
“Lolo!! I get mawows” he tells her
“Right, nice one munchkin” she laughs looking at me for an explanation, not everyone speaks fluent toddler.
“Marshmallows in his hot chocolate, he’s very excited about this, god I hope there’s blue fireworks”
“Oh right, Mmm hot chocolate, delish.  I could go for some of that, Dans meeting us there, he went hunting for sparklers, I said they’re too young but alas I think its more for him”
“I was always scared of sparklers, thought they’d burn my hands or something, and I used to have to wear earmuffs cos the bangs scared me.  Think Edes will be ok.with them?”
“Sure, she’s used to loud noises, she lives with you” Abner teases
“Blah blah blah, come on sweetie, let’s leave the smelly boys to themselves” we stride off ahead with the buggy and the boys lag behind, I can hear JJ chattering to his Dad and squealing excitedly at every pop and bang of a firework.
“Ooh is it acceptable to get a danish and then food from a vendor?”
“Oh yes, I’m so looking forward to a hot dog and some candy floss, loves me some street food.  The little man hasn’t had candy floss, should be fun at bedtime”
“Staying up late already aren’t they?”
“Oh yes, lay on in the morning if we’re lucky, which we won’t be because she likes to get up early and James has worked out how to help her out of her cot”
“That boy is so bloody clever”
“You’re preaching to the choir sister”
“How does he do it?”
“He let’s the side down, half the time I can’t do it! I think he’s going to be a genius, I mean look at that face” we look up at him at exactly the wrong moment, he’s got a gormless staring look on his gorgeous face, he’s spotted something and he’s chattering to Abner and pointing.
“You girls go get the drinks and I’ll stay with the buggy, wanna take the boy too?”
“Shoulders hurting? Come on JJ, give me a squeeze” Abner bends down and Lola lifts him off his shoulders
“Ouch, welly in the jaw”
“Hot chocolate?” I ask him as he rubs his jaw. A glance into the buggy and Edie is out for the count. I hope she wakes up for the display, she’s just old enough to enjoy it now.
“Mawows Mammy!”
“Yep, we’ll get you your mallows, what about Dan?”
“He probably wants mawows too.  Jeez James, would you please stop growing so I can keep cuddling you?” He settles on her hip and begins to gesticulate wildly at the sky as we join the queue. I can’t help but adore his innocence.
“Lolo? F’work’s look!”
“I see kiddo, are you excited?”
“Yeah, bwue ones”
“Me too little man”
“Ed want pink”
“Did she tell you that munchkin?”
“Yeah, on the phone”
“Ok then”
“He’s confused, Meg was on the phone to him today, I think he thought it was Edie, ten minutes he nattered away at her bless”
“I imagine they touched on the serious issues like the state of the country and such?”
“Well I heard him talking about some tractors so I assume that was his take on the recent dairy farmers issues and then he looked very serious while I assume she explained the situation as the daughter of a dairy farmer.  Then he listed the different sounds that a tractor can make.  All very deep issues”
“Meanwhile, Edie was twirling, I tell you some days I witness amazing things” I laugh and sigh, I’m tired. The two of them get more active by the day, but I wouldn’t trade them.
“Sounds like Mummy needs a day off”
“Mummy and Daddy are leaving them with their grandparents for an entire week and a half so they can celebrate their birthdays in New York and do a sizeable amount of Christmas shopping”
“Speaking of which, what do I get him for his birthday?”
“James what do you want for your birthday?” I ask him, already knowing the answer.
“Buppy” he says seriously, he hasn’t a clue how cute he sounds.
“No way?”
“Im leaning to yes, his father says no”
“So what, since when did you listen to him?” “True like, I dunno” I plan on bribing him, I doubt it’ll take much at all. He’s a pushover really.
“Yeah, get him one” If only it was a simple as that.
“JJ what kind of puppy do you want?”
“A bwue buppy” he replies with pure conviction.
“Slightly difficult eh?” She laughs
“Yup, I’ll convince his Dad somehow.  I’d quite like a puppy”
“Buppy! Lolo I get a buppy!” He’s bouncing again, I know too well how much that hurts your hip.
“Only if you’re a very good boy remember?”
“I good boy, I get buppy now?” His eyes are wide.
“For your birthday, if you’re good, tell Lolo how old you’ll be?”
“I be fwee! Fwee!” He holds up three fingers to illustrate his point.
“Oh my god little man you’re sooo cute, can I have a kiss”
“Yeah! I good boy. Mwah” he gives her a big sloppy kiss and claps.
“How do you cope with the adorable all the time?”
“Yesterday Mr Adorable had a screaming fit in the middle of Tesco, lay on the floor and everything, but wait, it gets better, Edie decided to join in and got out of her pushchair somehow.  All of this was because I wouldn’t let him eat the babybels before I paid for them.  So I gave him them and paid for a net bag, he’s got at least three in his pocket right now”
“Terrible twos is over in a week”
“If only it were as easy as him waking up three years old and over it, unfortunately, his sister is learning fast, she’s worse Lolls I swear to god” my daughter, the beautiful whirling dervish.
“Hmm she is more like Abner than James is, like you said Marjorie told you he was a horror.  Problem is she’s so cute its hard to believe she’s anything other than angelic”
“She’s decided she likes our bed better, some nights I wake up and he’s been down to her and just brought her into my bed. There she is asleep on his chest with the smuggest look on her face.  Her Daddy let’s her away with Murder”
“Hmm…is mum jealous?”
“No not at all, well yeah sometimes I quite like his attention too, but James got jealous of him and Ed does it with me.  It’s normal, ten glorious child free days, love my kids, I do, but now I’m more relaxed about abandoning them on their more than willing grandparents and they’re going to see Joes parents for a few days so they’ll get spoilt rotten and not miss us”
“Wow, sounds gorgeous”
“Yeah I think it’ll be a recharge”
“Mawows pwease” JJ proceeds to tell the barista as we get to the front of the queue, she grins at him and nods seriously
“In a hot chocolate?”
“More warm than hot please, the tiny one, then four enormous ones too, full works”
“Fireworks?” She says as she writes on cups and smiles at JJ.
“Yes, he’s hoping for blue ones”
“I’m sure there’ll be lots of blue ones, he’s so cute” My son, like his father, can charm women at ten paces.
“Glad you think so, want him?”
“Er no, but thanks for the offer”

“Hello, I got sparklers” Dan is standing with Abner when we get back outside, he’s got a carrier bag full of sparklers which he shakes for effect.
“Hey Danny boy, here have a child” I proffer JJ to him, he goes happily. They love Dan.
“Uh oh, what did he do?”
“Nothing, I just want a sparkler and he’ll go into the buggy for you, works every time”
“Ah fair enough.  Come on little dude, wanna go in the buggy?”
“Yeah!” We all watch in amazement as he let’s Dan slip him into his side of the buggy beside Edie who’s dozing and he and Lola stride off ahead of us, each with a handle and hot chocolate.
“Well Hello wife, it feels like I’ve not done this in ages” he slings his arm around my shoulders and hugs me into his chest. Nearly crushing my cup against me.
“Hello husband, you’ve eyes for one girl only these days and you know it, she’ll be in the bed by 1am”
“Now that’s not true, I’ve eyes, hands and mouth for you lady. Sadly the other girl in my life is slightly more vocal about her need for attention”
“Ah, so I need to have more tantrums, fair enough”
“Hmm, you ok?” He stops our stroll and checks my face. I grin back and hug him again.
“Yeah I’m just knackered today, didn’t sleep great, good nights kip tonight and I’ll be fine”
“I’ll do the monitor tonight then”
“No. I wake when you do, I’m fine Abner I promise.  Just dozy.  Anyway I was thinking about the puppy”
“We need to think about it, I agree, but I think theyre too young at the moment, we’ll be doing everything”
“I know, I think I want a puppy too” I look up at him, fluttering my eyelashes.
“Don’t make eyes at me, it won’t work”
“Yes it will, you never say no”
“Maybe I’m learning”
“Baby, I want a puppy, your adorable little boy wants a puppy and your equally adorable baby girl would love a puppy”
“Dont ‘baby’ me, baby” he playfully slaps my backside before kissing me softly.
“Fair enough, can’t say I didn’t try can ya?”
“Jesus you tricked me into thinking you were all sweetness and light, didn’t you? Under the big round eyes and cutesy face you’re a bloody dangerous woman”
“Our children are gonna be so tired tonight, I’ll show you just how dangerous I can be” We catch up with the others in the park, James has escaped his buggy jail and is up on Dans shoulders. He spots us and squeals.
“Mammy! F’works look, f’works! A bwue fwork!” He’s pointing and bouncing, poor Dans neck.
“I see munchkin, I see”
“God he’s cute” Abner gushes, squeezing me tight.
“He gets that from you”
“You always…hang on, that was a compliment”
“Im capable of them”
“You’re cute too” he drops a kiss on my nose and looks up at JJ. Edie is awake now. Staring up at the sky with Lola crouched by her side.
“Right back atcha mister”
“JJ, ready for loadsa fworks?”
“Cool! Dada, cool!”

“Hmm two sleeping children, what could we possibly do with the time?” The kids are asleep. They conked out as soon as we got them home and for the first time in ages. I put JJ into his pajamas while he slept.  Abner tucked them both in tonight. It was his turn.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking dear?” He gives me that look, the one that means business, I crease into giggles when he throws a tea towel in my face.
“You wash, I’ll dry” I tell him, but he’s already filling the sink with water, its 9pm on a Monday night, we’re both knackered after work and the fireworks having dashed home and fed the kids before dragging them out of the house when really they should have been going to bed.
“We really do rock romance don’t we?”
“I know, if people could see inside the house they’d be alarmed by it”
“They certainly would, on another note, I got a film and we can cuddle after this if you like? Bed, film, heating on”
“Ooh sir, I’m being spoilt, dirty dishes, DVDs, high utility bills, you’ll create a monster”
“If you’re really lucky, I won’t fall asleep before we have a fumble” he laughs at his own joke and winks at me. Hmm. I never tire of him, I’m as obsessed with him as ever.
“Jeez, its not my birthday til next month”
“Ten days away, being a couple who dumped their kids on their unsuspecting grandparents, I cannot wait wifey”
“Me either, I’ll miss them, but it will be wonderful”
“The shopping, the sightseeing…the sex” he raises his eyebrows and licks his lips, this man is trying to seduce me and based on the tingle through my body, its working.
“I guess I could let you near me once, strictly missionary of course”
“Didn’t I show you the photos of the bathroom in our suite?”
“Oh yes, hmm. I can’t wait, your undivided attention will be rather nice, seeing as I gave birth to my own competition”
“I’ve been fighting against that boy of ours for three years woman, a bit of healthy competition isn’t a bad thing.  How about I promise to stop bringing her into our bed?”
“No, I don’t mind, you two look so adorable all curled up asleep together. You do realise you’ve made a rod for your own back there? You’re thoroughly coiled around that tiny little finger already? You’ll never be able to say no”
“Have you seen her though? She’s cute, so cute and I can’t not melt”
“I have seen her, I’m quite partial too. To both of them, the boy is a bit good too”
“If we’ve finished, I think I’m ok with that” he says after a quiet moment, I’m running fresh water for the rest of the dishes.
“There’s still pots and pans to do, I cooked, so theres food welded to them”
“I mean babies, if they are it for us, well they’re pretty special and that’s ok by me” I’m shocked, he’s been trying to convince me to have another since Edie took her first steps.
“Can I let you in on a secret?”
“Give me two more years, then we’ll have another”
“You mean it?”
“I do” I tell him and he grabs me round the waist and twirls me around
“Argh Abner put me down!! Your poor back! Where are we going?” I ask when he starts marching with me in his arms to the stairs.
“Practice makes perfect, I’ll get up early to finish the dishes”
“Lights! Alarm! My handbag”
“Ok, we’ll do the serious, then lady, I’m rocking your world” he deposits me on my feet in the hallway and goes to set the alarm
“Did you just say that? Those actual words?” I call to him, switching off the lights and grabbing my bag from the banister.
“Yeah, caught in a moment, alarms set, lights are out and it looks like you’ve got your handbag” before I can protest he lifts me again and makes a slow move up the stairs. I must way a ton to him.
“Why sir, you’ve literally swept me off my feet”
“Don’t get used to it, Edie is considerably lighter”
“Bastard” I tell him before kissing him
“Bitch” he laughs. Kissing me again.
Fireworks, outside and inside tonight.


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