Merry Chick Lit, not just Celebrating the Season, but Supporting Sufferers of Cancer


So, Monday marks the release of Merry Chick Lit, Celebrate the Season with Six Sassy Shorts.  When we first banded together to write this anthology, we were just going to put it out as a free e-book and see what happened. One of the girls, shamefully I cant remember which, suggested pricing it at $0.99 and donating the proceeds to a charity.  When Rocking The Road to a Cure was suggested as an option, we all agreed it was a very worthy one.  Nobody can truly say they haven’t known someone suffering from Cancer of a type, whether it’s a relative, a friend or friend of a friend, we have all had our lives touched. Maybe it was that you were a big Kylie Minogue or Jennifer Saunders fan and followed their experiences through the media. But the majority of people would agree. Cancer is Abhorrent. I blogged previously about my own experience, as someone who has lost loved ones and even had their own scare, but this post is something different.  I found a website, and copied the following information from it.  It isn’t my work, I simply scribble stories, but it is important that I highlight that our intention is to make at least one persons life more bearable, or enjoyable for even ten seconds.  So read through these statistics and then decide if you are able to spare $0.99 (I think in the UK it’ll be less than that) and know the money could add up to helping someone.

 In 2010, nearly 1.5 million people were told “you have breast cancer”

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. It is also the principle cause of death from cancer among women globally. Despite the high incidence rates, in Western countries, 89% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive 5 years after their diagnosis, which is due to detection and treatment (Parkin, 2008).

The UK and USA have one of the highest incidence rates worldwide (together with the rest of North America and Australia/New Zealand), making these countries a priority for breast cancer awareness.

Dramatically, one-third of these cancer deaths could be decreased if detected and treated early. In a worldwide context, this means nearly 400,000 lives could be saved every year.

Your Lifetime Risk, is it really 1 in 8?

The most common breast cancer statistic you have probably heard is that “1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.” What it should really read is “If everyone lived beyond the age of 70, 1 in 8 of those women would get or have had breast cancer.” This statistic is based on everyone in the population living beyond the age of 70. Since your breast cancer risk increases as you age, your lifetime risk changes depending on your age:

Age 20-29: 1 in 2,000
Age 30-39: 1 in 229
Age 40-49: 1 in 68
Age 50-59: 1 in 37
Age 60-69: 1 in 26
Ever: 1 in 8
Source: American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Facts & Figures, 2005-2006.

 So there you go. We don’t expect to make millions, maybe not even thousands, but surely Hundreds is a reasonable expectation and you could help…

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And thanks in advance if you do decide to purchase…



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