Chick Lit Love – An Excerpt from Forever

Hi Again, hope you are all enjoying the goodies that are on offer for Chick Lit Love Week? I know I am! So I got my head all confused and was going to post the wrong thing today, thus the very late and rather less entertaining post you are now hopefully enjoying.  I’ve realised that as romantic as my characters are, there aren’t a lot of massive gestures in my books.  They muddle along mostly, but this one always makes me smile and warm up when I read it back.  Abner is the sweetest man that never lived and here is a little snippet from Forever for your enjoyment! It’s the second book, sorry if it spoils but I had to post!

“Evening” I call when I walk in the front door, hanging my coat up
“You’re early!” he appears out of the living room with a welcoming smile
“By recent standards yes, we sifted the pile, out of 200 we got 10 possible, interviews next week. Not looking forward to it at all. Don’t tell anyone please, I feel as though I’m betraying him by even considering filling his position”
“He wouldn’t want you working twelve hour days and never seeing us, I’m being really understanding because of the situation but ordinarily I’d have kicked off at the prospect of you never being here”
“Is our boy gone?”
“Yep, they left an hour ago, I told her to take your car. Didn’t think you’d mind?”
“Well I have no plans for it”
“Didn’t tell you the best bit yet did I? They’re sleeping at the flat tonight, so we literally have the house to ourselves for a good 18 hours”
“We do? That’s brilliant, not that I don’t love him, but you and I need to be a bit selfish with one another every now and then” I flop onto the couch and he joins me thrusting a large paper gift bag into my hands, rustling tissues inside
“What’s this? Have you been shopping?”
“Maybe or your son made me buy it. Whichever you prefer, also a little something for me too” I peel back the tissue to find a dress, its entirely covered in sequins, in the colours and pattern of a peacock feather, I hold it up, its quite short, but he does insist he adores my ridiculously short legs after all.  Also inside the bag is a set of underwear in a teal green satin with black lace, this he no doubt bought for himself, but its gorgeous and I like wearing it for him
“Abner it’s beautiful, I love it thank you. I do like what you got for you too”
“Took a cue from Lola, I’m spoiling you a bit more often”
“Well I love it. I’ll start getting ready”
“Not just yet, I’ve something else for you too”
“What else could you have done, you’re being very cute right now”
“When I proposed I didn’t have a ring, then we went to New York and you picked yours, well you picked a small one and I upgraded you.  What I also did is bought this. It’s an eternity ring, it matches the others, I was saving it for Christmas or maybe when we had another baby, but after everything we have been going through and all the scared little ideas running through your head I wanted you to have it. It’s a symbol of Forever” he lifts my hand and slides the ring onto my left hand, over the ridiculously large engagement ring and simple platinum band, it is quite simple just a band, except its absolutely covered in diamonds,  I know what my engagement ring cost, how much did he drop in Tiffany that day when I picked a cheapish plain emerald cut solitaire and he slid a carat and a half of Marquis cut diamond and platinum onto my finger at dinner that night.

“You shouldn’t be spending that sort of money on me, I know you have it, before you tell me that, but still.  It is beautiful” hot tears are sliding down my cheeks because he is truly adorable and wonderful and marvellous

“Are you crying?”

“Maybe a little bit, it’s the sweetest thing you have done for me in a long time and I love it, you really bought it when you got the others?” I look up at him through my wet eyelashes and he strokes my cheeks, wiping the tears away, happy tears

“I did, why do you wonder?”

“Just that means that when you bought my rings you planned on being with me forever”

“Course I did or I would never have married you in the first place would I? We have been over this a million times.  Will you wear it?”

“Tonight yes, in general, probably not, they are worth more than I can consider”

“Which I could always replace, they’re insured!”

“Replacements aren’t the rings we said our vows over, or this one, which you gave me when I was feeling very low and frightened that we are going through something”

“We are going through something, adjustments, but we will make it, because you are perfect and so am I”

“Ha ha ha, I need to get ready”

“I think you look even more amazing than you did moments ago”

“Well if you let me go upstairs and get showered and dressed then I might look even better, you can feed me then”

“Shower hey?”

“Come on then”

“No, I can’t, we have to go out, and we never do.  I’ll just get ready whilst you shower and then you can get ready and we will leave the house”

“Darling, its 4.45pm in the afternoon, where exactly have you booked for us?”

“It is early isn’t it?”

“Yes, we won’t be going out for what, three hours?”

“Now you’re on”

So there you go, I hope you liked it and maybe it made you want to make a little purchase? Both of my books are on Kindle Countdown Deals from Friday through Sunday! Thanks again for stopping by!


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