Where Rainbows End…apparently not in Dublin

So many years ago, I read an amazing book by Cecelia Ahern. Where Rainbows End is a lovely story about two friends Rosie and Alex, told by a variety of messages, from notes passed in class, to letters, postcards and more modernly instant messages and emails. I loved how the book followed them from primary school, right through to grown ups. Set in Dublin (my lovely hometown) and eventually Boston, it’s a touching story about friendship, relationships and parenthood.

So I was delighted to hear that it had been made into a movie and even more so that it was Sam Claflin and Lily Collins playing Alex and Rosie. I was a little worried about them pulling off the Irish accents, which today, after the release of two trailers for the film, I needn’t have been. They’re English, there isn’t even a vain Brad Pitt style attempt at an Irish accent…which makes me think the whole film is now set in England. I don’t get it, Cecelia Ahern is Irish, her books are pretty much always set there, here Dad was the Taoiseach for gods sake…so why after the miserable attempt at adaptation of P.S. I Love You, did she let them make this a BritFlick? (My hatred of P.S. I Love You runs deeper than it’s trip across the Atlantic, I mean Hilary Swank? Seriously? I couldn’t dislike her more if someone paid me millions of pounds to try)

It isn’t like Ireland doesn’t make great movies, and plenty of them. I just spent 5 days in Bray Co. Wicklow, home of Ardmore studios, the setting for many films, British and Irish. After dropping my Dad and Brother to The Harbour Bar the other night, I drove past the houses used in Byzantium with Gemma Arterton and Saiorse Ronan. My brothers own house was featured in the opening scenes of Happy Ever Afters with Sally Hawkins…So what is the reasoning with this one? I mean why couldn’t it just be set in Dublin, which for me as an Irish girl living in England is half the charm of her books?

Sorry for ranting, I just really was looking forward to this film and after putting aside the fact that they are both british actors (or is Lily Collins American?) they could have learnt the accent…plenty have before them.

Now I think I will wait for the DVD, because to me, taking a book I love and fundamentally changing it, just isn’t good enough…


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