A Kind of Mad Courage


When I heard there was another Anthology book in the works, I was more than happy to be accepted as a contributor.  And when I say more than happy, I mean as ecstatically delighted as a small child in a sweet shop with an endless supply of money and no chance of becoming diabetic.  So then came the challenge, write something that is connected to motherhood, be it about a mother, or about a relationship with a mother etcetera.

 Well then, I am not a mother, more’s the pity, but I know a girl who is… Ok, so she doesn’t exist, not in the true sense of the word at least.  Fallon is the heroine (I hate that word, she hasn’t saved people from burning buildings and hasn’t a super power beyond an ability to consume vast quantities of caffeine) of my series and so it felt natural to me, to write about when she first became a mother.  It hadn’t made it into the first book, nor the second, nonetheless, I had written it.  So I sat down and I wrote it some more and ultimately, I am happy that I chose that. 

A Kind of Mad Courage was released last week, as the maker of many promo images, I had the blurbs for the 18 stories I didn’t write a little while before.  What can I say, there’s zombies and missing people, there are fractured maternal relationships and women dealing with becoming mothers.  You guys are in for a serious treat, 18 incredible authors and little old me have written stories for every facet of maternal relationships.  So in honour of mothers and in aid of charity, please pick up a copy and if you like it, let everyone know.  Post a review, recommend it to friends and enjoy the warm and fuzzies that doing something to help someone you don’t even know brings.

Here are the links!

Amazon UK (Kindle) –

Amazon UK (Paperback) –

Amazon US (Kindle) –

Amazon US (Paperback) –

Please also take a moment to read about the wonderful work they are doing over at The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation and if you buy this book, make sure you have tissues for both Victoria Jacksons foreword and Francine LaSala’s heartfelt dedication to her mother.


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