Here Comes The Bride Blog Hop


Morning! I’m here today on my stop on the Her Comes The Bride Blog Hop, where myself and four of my lovely author friends are going to tell you about our Wedding themed books! So I’m here today with Cara from Spinster Wedding (and Spinster Christmas and Spinster Valentine) who’s going to answer some questions about her big day!!

Groom and Bride in a park.

Cara Higgins (nee Smith) is a university Lecturer in London, she’s married to the quite gorgeous Ronan Higgins, of London Living magazine. I could be very journalistic and tell you how we’ve met in her local Starbucks and she’s chewing the end of her straw nervously. But I won’t. We are and she is, but I’ll tell you more about Cara herself. About five foot three, her dress sense is eclectic. Today she’s adorned herself in a Paisley shirt dress, in shades of greens and peacock blues, a pair of thick navy tights and green suede ankle boots. Her mid length dark hair is wavy and she wears subtle makeup which highlight her hazel eyes. 

Obviously this isn’t the first time we’ve met, I created her after all. I should also say, Ronan is sitting a table away, tapping on his laptop.

NM: Hi Cara, nice to see you. Love the dress! 

CH: Hey Nikki, nice to see you too. Oh this dress was a charity shop find, it’s Biba! Got it for twenty quid.

NM: I see the husband tagged along?

CH: Yep, we’re still in the newlywed phase so he tags along, plus we’re going shopping for some stuff to make the apartment more homely. Lots of angles need softening with cushions.

NM: Sounds fun! Shall we get on with this and then you can hit the shops. So Cara, were you nervous on the big day?

CH: Surprisingly, no. I was actually quite excited and giddy as soon as I woke up. I did miss my Ronan, we’d gotten quite used to living in each other’s pockets. I was nervous my make up wouldn’t go well…but then I suppose my wedding morning wasn’t as you might expect, not that I’d spoil anything by saying why.

NM: Did anything go wrong?

CH: It all went perfectly, without a hitch you could say, but of course we go hitched. I might have had a nervous meltdown if something had gone wrong.

NM: Be honest were you a total bridezilla? 

CH: There was a period, during the planning, when I had a spell of demanding behaviour. Our mothers were challenging, mine mostly, so it wasn’t exactly going how I wanted it to. I sort of exploded at Ronan a few times and we came up with an ingenious way of making the day we said ‘I do’ quite perfect really. By the end of the big day though, I realised how little you care about the details. You’re just high on the being newly weds!

NM: Bridesmaids, how many is too many? 

CH: I had one, my best friend Flo and one flower girl, my little cousin. But I think more than maybe three or four and it just gets a little crowded in photos and things. Having said that, it’s your personal taste, I like small and beautiful, some people like big and fabulous.

NM: You can’t have a wedding without family – how did yours behave in the lead-up to the wedding or on the day? 

CH: I alluded to it earlier, but our mothers…well despite knowing us both well they just had this vision of a Big Fat Flouncy Wedding. I’m not the biggest fan of pink, in general terms, but my mother just got completely obsessed with bright pink and diamantes. Not my taste…we tussled a lot over it to the point where it out the whole wedding in jeopardy. Ro is such a push over, he just cannot tell either of our mothers no. Plus, he’s a designer so he’s more in touch with the aesthetic aspects and on some counts, he actually was led by them. I’m a lucky girl though, my husband has great taste and is clearly a gentleman who respects his matriarchs. Our Dads couldn’t be more relaxed either, so they helped keep the mothers at bay.

NM: Are you still a believer in the happily ever after?

CH: I really am, and I do definitely feel like Ro and I have had a true little fairytale of our own. I mean we could have never seen each other again after we grew up and he’d moved away. But one Christmas Eve he was at my door and now we’re very happily married. Like I said, I’m a very lucky girl indeed.

NM: Well thanks do meeting me! Enjoy the shopping trip! 

CH: Thanks for having me! I’ll get the husband motivated, he’s either working there playing Candy Crush. Looks as absorbed either way! 
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