Review – Country Rivals by Zara Stoneley 


Well I’m not ashamed to admit that I have hounded Zara Stoneley for a sequel after each book in the Tippermere series. It’s been a barrage of tweets and Facebook comments, a quest for gossip about what each new book might hold. That girl gives nothing away, nothing except another outstanding follow up to the latest book in the series. I have devoured each book, from Stable Mates, to Country Affairs, a brief soujourn back to Tippermere for A Very Country Christmas and now Country Rivals.

With each book of this series, Zara has introduced us to new and interesting characters while retaining the warmth that the solid cast Lottie, Rory, Tab, Pip and Elizabeth (I’m not forgetting you Sam, Amanda, Dom and Mick, especially not Mick) and Country Rivals is no different. This time we get the glitz and glamour of a film crew arriving to Tipping House for its impressive scenery. There’s Jamie the adorable intern, Seb the surly director, his actress wife Pandora (oh that name was sooo well selected) and her half brother Xander the dashing polo player turned consultant. 

As you can imagine, these newbies bring with them their own brand of drama, and I’m not just talking about the filming.

I won’t say much more, even though I could say sooo much more. This installment is as addictive as the others, with some hilarious and down right heart breaking moments.

Seriously, read the entire series people. 


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