This year, well how else can I describe it than a cesspool of shit, when every knock we took as a people, as a planet, was quickly followed by another (often worse) knock.

It has been a year where some of our best and brightest celebrities have been taken from us. I’ll never forgive 2016 for taking Alan Rickman from us. Or Victoria Wood. In fact theres been so many, that I can’t actually remember who else I’m angry about!

It’s also been, in my memory, the worst year for human kind, because we seem to have forgotten the word Kind in that. We are a people, all made equal, even if we look a bit different. And yet our beliefs, the colour of our skin and shape of our bodies seems to have become even more (because let’s face it, none of this is new) of an issue for some people. Or lots of people. We’ve had terrorism like I’ve never known, it’s as if 9/11 was a trial to see how far you can push people and now they’re firing off across the globe. 

Never mind Je Suis Charlie (I don’t mean that disrespectfully) How about Je Suis Gens

And don’t say ‘All Lives Matter’ because it’s seen as taking away from ‘Black Lives Matter’ say ‘No Life Matters Less than Mine’ – if you’re white, you’ve never been oppressed for the colour of your skin, I don’t care if you think you have. Show solidarity for everyone else on the planet.

I’ve hated 2016, personally it’s been a year of struggling and disappointment. The job I adore has become a chore because of bureaucracy and the games people play to be on top. I’ve wandered from one attempt at a relationship to another. I’ve had to take on a second job to make ends meet. Every time I dare to dream of some good, the world knocks me on my ass. Whether that’s personally or universally. 

2016 was the year in which a billionaire successfully bought himself a presidential election and yet again, a woman was put back ‘in her place’ by a sex offending Cheeto with bleached pubic hair for a wig. The glass in the glass ceiling is safety glass and was put there by a man.

On Tuesday, I turn 33. And there’s only 4 weeks left of this terrible year. I beg for a better December. Not just for me, but the the whole world. 


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