Review – The Dog With The Golden Eyes by L.M Kay

Today I’m here with something a little different, a children’s book!!

About the Book

Nicholas James Corrigan is a small boy who doesn’t speak. One day he meets a strange dog and discovers they can understand each other’s thoughts. Nicholas James was a key witness to a crime when he was little and now The Man Who Did the Very Bad Thing is back and looking for him. Can his faithful new friend protect him? There’s only one way to find out!


Available in both kindle and paperback!




About the Author

L M Kay is a pen-name of Lesley Tither, who also writes adult crime fiction under the pen-name L M Krier. She lives in France with her two border collies, Fleur and Rosie.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LMKayBooks/  


My Review

It’s been a while since I properly read a children’s book, you know without using funny voices to my nieces and nephews! I loved this book, despite an undercurrent of something terrible having happened, the bond between Nicholas James, his Aunt and the dog (Mikey) is just lovely. The concept is a different one and not something that particularly reminded me of anything I’ve read before (a very good thing!) 

I’d say it’s maybe for the older children in your life, say 7 or 8 plus, but it’s a marvellous story with intrigue and action that children and adults alike will love!


A signed paperback copy of the book




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